Common PocketPod Terms

Fan Faction
Stories about Animal Crossing Villagers and NPCs. These may be based on our interactions with characters in game or things we learn about the characters through extensive research online.

Matt Dillon
One may say “Matt Dillon” when someone unwittingly repeats something that another person just said.

Dream Suite
Ideas for Animal Crossing that we want to see, so we share them on the podcast. We know Nintendo is always listening to PocketPod, since these Dream Suites often become reality in game. You’re welcome.

PocketPoooooooood [whispered]
The proper way to close out an episode of a PocketPod podcast.

Tanky Divens
Derivative of Thanksgiving and Jeremy Pivens. Meaning: “Thank you.”

Who Could Know in This Topsy Turvy World?
When you’re just not sure, this phrase is a good one to say.

Connecticut, There’s So Much to Do!
Catch phrase from the Connecticut Board of Tourism in the 90s that has become a PocketPod staple.

Leg coverings made of one piece of material with one opening at the top and one at the bottom. Kind of like pants, but both legs go in the same hole. Sometimes known as “skirts.”

Feathered, warm-blooded animals from the class Aves.

Samsonite (I Was Way Off)
When you say something that was quite close/not close at all to the actual thing you were trying to recall. Reference to Dumb and Dumber, 1994.

A Cat!
Exclaimed when you see/hear/talk about a cat.

Isabelle? We don’t think so. Steve is the true name of the operator of @AnimalCrossing on Twitter. PocketPod calls out Steve for weird info delays or verbally high fives Steve for good content on the bird app.

A Brush with Greatness
Borrowed from the Adam Gravitz Sports Show: a moment in your life, whether small or large, where things just worked out great!

Tiny Delights
Little surprises that bring some unexpected joy into your life.

Ear Innards
The inside area of the ear. Animal Crossing villagers and NPCs often have distinctive ear innard colors.

Deer Friend
A dear friend. They may or may not be an actual deer.

Oh My Wow
The best interpretation of “OMW.” Can be used to express excitement or note that one is on their way to a meet up.

Knip Cat
Cozy knit head covering.

Duly Appointed Federal Marshals
This is appropriated from 2010 film Shutter Island. It’s appropriate to say when any of the words in the phrase are mentioned, or when someone is using a Boston-esque accent.

Curting It Up
When you don’t change your in game outfit and it looks like you may smell a bit ripe. With apologies to Curt, whom we love dearly.

Brian Doyle-Murray
A favorite actor with a distinctive voice and presence. He’s in many of PocketPod’s favorite films.

Quacko Family Cwest
The emblem for Bill and Drake’s family and law firm, Quacko and Quacko. Fan Faction: they are related, and yes, they are lawyers.

Waterworks, Johnny Baby
Did something happen that brought you to tears? This is the go-to phrase to express that. A variation of the quote from Scrooged, 1988: “Niagra falls, Frankie Angel.” (Also starring Brian Doyle-Murray)